The Objectives

The event seeks to bring in an element of mentorship to young artists in the music industry, instil the culture of Athletics through participating in the Marathon, Water sports Activities, and Cycling which are other major sporting activities that besides promoting Healthy Lifestyle but also play an important role in promoting talent and alleviate social ills affecting the community. Attendees are assured a wealth of SMME and Cooperatives talent, indigenous food, different sporting activities, Music,and a diverse range of artistic presentations like Indlamu of which this includes promotion of diverse cultures.


Engagements, Dialogues and Resolutions on programmes to address Rural Socio-Economic Challenges negating the government’s efforts on Youth & Entrepreneurship Development, sustainable Job Creation and Radical Socio-Economic Transformation in the Tourism and Agriculture Industries.

Utilize the Heritage History of Former ANC President Josiah T. Gumede (1867-1946) to educate youth and the community in appreciation of political background and encourage the formation of Josiah Gumede Museum and Josiah Gumede Tourism Route to promote tourism and creation of job opportunities through Josiah Gumede Memorial Lecture and Josiah Gumede Marathon

This programme is aimed to promote the appreciation of the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park Heritage Legacy to stimulate awareness and exposure for Tourism Development to boost Economic Development that will empower Youth and emerging Entrepreneurs in the Tourism Industry and create Jobs.

The Drakensberg area is located within the well known Maloti Drakensberg Mountain range. This area extends from the Eastern Cape, Free State and KwaZulu Natal Provinces on the South African side and covering parts of Lesotho including biodiversity conservation areas. uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park in KZN, SA and Sehlabathebe National Parkin Lesotho were linked and amalgamated to the Maloti-Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site by UNESCO on 30 November 2000.

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